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How to Kid-Proof Your Backyard

The pool can be a backyard luxury for cooling off and playing, but it can also be a danger zone. Pool water of any depth and pool chemicals can threaten the safety of your family without proper precautions. Keep in mind, first practice parental supervision 24/7, along with pool safety education, rules for swimming and CPR training. The following pool and water safety tips and solutions can also help prevent accidents and ensure fun and safe pool time.

Pool Chemical Safety

Your pool requires chemicals like sanitizers, oxidizers and water balancers to keep the water clean, clear and free of algae, disease-causing germs and harmful bacteria. Yet, improper handling or contact with these chemicals can cause serious injuries, chemical burns, health hazards, dangerous vapors or damaged property. Use the following information to safeguard your family from dangerously interacting with or having exposure to pool chemicals.

  • First, always carefully read and directly follow the manufacturer’s instructions on packaging for safe handling and storage of chemicals

  • Securely store chemicals out of the reach of children (and pets!)

  • Keep chemicals out of direct sunlight in a cool and dry place

  • Keep containers closed and store chemicals in original containers

  • Never stack containers or store containers above your head

  • Make sure the storage space is properly ventilated

  • Keep oxidizers away from acids; if oxidizers come in contact with acids, oxidizers may release chlorine gas

  • Do not store liquid chemicals above dry chemicals; liquid chemicals can leak

  • Prevent accidental mixing of chemicals with other chemicals and water; prevent mixing chlorine with acid

  • Keep pool chemicals away from gasoline, fertilizers, herbicides, grease, paints, tile cleaners, turpentine and flammable materials

  • Add chemicals to the pool only when it is not in use

  • When mixing chemicals and water, add chemicals to water; do not add water to chemicals, and never place a wet scoop back into the container

  • Never reuse a container; it should only be used to store original contents

  • Post a “Danger: Hazardous Pool Chemicals” sign near chemicals

Water Safety Solutions

Without a splash or a sound, a child can slip in the pool and quickly lose consciousness. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children between ages 1 and 4, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The annual average number of drowning deaths in pools and spas of children from ages 0 to 14 was 390 between 2011 and 2013, reported the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Prevent fatal accidents—as well as injuries—in your backyard with the following water safety necessities for backyard pools:

  • Protective pool fence: Surround your pool with the most durable pool fence backed by the strongest mesh and reinforced poles. Advanced flexible mesh stands up to the toughest weather conditions, keeps kids from climbing and provides transparency for a clear, visible view. Confidently secure the area with a self-closing and self-latching gate. A childproof locked fence is non-negotiable for preventing accidents and injuries.

  • Pool Safety Net: A pool safety net serves as a physical barrier between the water and your child, providing that extra element of protection. Children cannot crawl under or through a mesh net. If a child starts to crawl over the net, his or her arms will go through blocks and prevent further movement. Safety nets will safeguard a child from sinking and support at least two adults during a rescue.

  • Customizable, Automatic Pool Cover: An ASTM-compliance pool safety cover safeguards your pool by isolating the water from the pool deck and surroundings. A heavy-duty pool cover acts as a deterrent and reduces temptation for children to approach the pool water. Secure sealing makes it impossible for kids to access the water by climbing over or under the cover.

  • Pool Alarm: Pool, door and/or gate alarms enhance the safety and security of your pool by alerting you of an emergency. Alarms can give you time to act as soon as it detects when a child falls into the pool and emits an audible alarm. Make sure the alarm can be heard outdoors and indoors. A gate alarm adds an extra layer of security and sends a siren when the gate is opened without permissible entry access.

Other pool safety features include a pool safety sign, a drain cover and slip-resistant protection.

Safetly gates save lives, we'd be happy to install yours and give you added piece of mind knowing your home is pool-safe. Contact us for a free estimate!

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