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6 Easy Weekend Updates for a Backyard Makeover

There’s always room for improvement, and your backyard oasis is no different. Whether your pool and yard serves as a peaceful private sanctuary or party hotspot for friends and family, improvements big or small can always make it better to enjoy. Take the plunge and make over your backyard into a dreamy at-home vacation destination with any of the following simple weekend projects.

Poolside Campfire

Bring the adventure of camping to your home with a backyard campfire. A blazing fire pit serves as the centerpiece of this campsite, and once the sun sets, this area becomes a space for camp-style entertainment. As you shop for a fire pit, choose among wood burning, propane, gel fuel and natural gas. Accent your backyard with a stainless steel or copper fire pit for a contemporary feel or go rustic with cast iron or polyresin. Don’t forget cozy patio chairs, craft beers and a s’mores kit that includes roasting forks and all the tasty ingredients.

Grill Station

Waiting for the perfect time to invest in that glorious grill? Finally, take the splurge, grillmaster, and create your designated barbecuing space where all the magic happens. A charcoal grill is the most classic type of grill for cooking with long-lasting smoky heat. A gas grill fueled by a propane tank and equipped with a smoker box can make delicious mesquite and hickory flavors. For cleaner burning, a natural gas or electric grill may be the way to go. Complete your outdoor grill station with excellent grilling utensils, smoking chips and mouthwatering seasoning rub.

Flower Bed or Veggie Garden

If you’re in mood to get your hands dirty over the weekend, then get into the spirit of the fall season by planting an annual flower or vegetable garden. Now that the temps are slowly dropping, you can enjoy the cooler weather (or rather, less scorching heat) while digging up your yard. Annual flowers will color your backyard with natural alfresco charm. Alyssum, begonia, geranium, petunia and snapdragon are among top fall annuals to grow. For your fall veggies, plant asparagus, beets, cucumber, radishes, carrots, spinach and onion.

Tropical Paradise

Transform your backyard from poolscape to tropical paradise with a water feature and lush vegetation. Install a cascade waterfall fountain, LED bubblers or jet water features to create a spa-like atmosphere accentuated with the serene sounds of flowing water. For lagoon effects, adorn your landscape with tropical plants like palm trees, yuccas, agave, succulents and lush vines. Creating a tropical paradise right outside your backdoor may take more weekends than one to complete, but the long-term aesthetic and tranquil rewards are worth the investment.

Backyard Retreat

Lying poolside can be just as peaceful and relaxing as floating on the water, especially if you create a secluded space on land for lazy moments of leisure. Place a hammock with pillows underneath a canopy or patio where you can retreat for napping, reading a good book or stargazing at night. Dangling twinkle lights, along with scented candles and colorful floating pool lanterns, create a whimsical and magical ambience at dusk into evening. As the Arizona summer heat turns to moderate winter temps, this retreat is where to escape to reflect, rejuvenate or just free your mind.

Outdoor Doghouse or Lounge Spot

With all your time spent outdoors, your furry friend is probably a part of all the action (or perhaps inaction). Custom-build your own DIY doghouse using a doghouse plan and boards and plywood for the base, flooring, roofing and (optional) deck. If homemade construction isn’t in your wheelhouse, then create a pooch-only lounge spot with a dog bed, cot or even canopy. Set a dog floatie nearby in case your canine wants to bask in the sun while afloat. Don’t forget to set out bowls for food and water and fill a galvanized metal planter with toys to play with when doggy boredom sets in.

Need help turning your backyard into a dream oasis? We can help! Contact us today!

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