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Green Your Pool: 6 Eco-Friendly Pool Essentials

With today’s increasingly earth-friendly pool products, pool owners can now save money by being kinder to Mother Earth. Using green cleaners, as well pool covers to prevent evaporation and keep the pool naturally free of dirt and debris are great steps toward energy-efficiency. Combine your efforts with the following eco-friendly pool care options and elevate energy conservation to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Variable Speed Pool Pump

A pool pump with energy star certification can provide significant savings by running on less kW of energy. An eco-friendly variable speed pool pump runs on advanced energy-saving technology designed to optimize flow, speed and power--using only the amount of energy needed for each task, such a filtering and cleaning. Variable speed pumps also produce less noise so you can run the pump throughout the night when power rates are lower.

Solar Heaters

Extend your pool use (and summer!) with solar pool heaters, the only type of pool heater that runs on free solar energy. Unlike fossil fuel, solar heating doesn’t pollute the air with greenhouse gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide. Solar heaters provide environmental protection and cost less to operate and maintain in the long-run. Solar heaters can even cool your pool water during peak temps through water circulation in the collectors during the night.

LED Lights

Compared to standard incandescent pool bulbs, LED pool bulbs deliver a superior-quality vibrant illumination and stronger visual hue that’s brighter and more aesthetic. LED lighting also uses less energy and has an extended high-functioning, fade-proof lifespan. This means you can lower energy consumption in the long-term and avoid replacing your bulbs every year, resulting in overall cost savings.

Cartridge Pool Filters

Eco-friendly cartridge pool filters operate utilizing cleanable, reusable and recyclable filter elements designed for maximum carefree pool filtration. A cartridge filter produces the finest filtration and sparkling clean water by relying on heavy-duty, long-lasting filter cycles and provides high energy efficiency by reducing pump pressure necessary to operate. The durable materials of cartridge filter tanks ensure continuous operation and maximum performance amid tough applications and harsh environmental conditions.

Automated Control System

Customize every function and feature of your pool using an automated control center. Automated pool systems save energy and money by running necessary equipment on a schedule. For example, program your pool to shut off water features when the pool is not in use or minimize pool pump run-time to increase energy conservation. Automation ensures equipment isn’t unnecessarily working for long periods of time and wasting energy.

Salt-Based Chlorinator System

Eliminating or reducing chlorine by using a salt-based chlorinator system can green your pool. A salt system works by turning salt into pure chlorine (only when necessary). This conversion ultimately produces clean, clear and soft pool water. Natural salt chlorinators purify water by removing all the negative side effects of standard chlorine. The sanitization process kills algae and destroys bacteria continuously and eliminates the need for additional disinfecting pool chemicals.

Find out how we can help make your pool eco-friendly and contact us today!

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