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Barefoot Pools Service and Repair pays its employees for their time and not per account, so their employees are encouraged to be at houses longer and do a nicer job. Owner Jose Garcia hires employees with no experience so he can train them according to the company’s high standards.



You probably know Barefoot Pools for their award winning pool service in the Ahwatukee area. But Barefoot Pools also services the Chandler and Tempe areas and provides a lot more than just pool maintenance. They are an authorized reseller of Hayward, variable speed pumps, which can save you a lot of money! 



Barefoot Pools is once again awarded Best Pool Company from the 2013 Best of Ahwatukee. The company takes pride in serving its customers by catering to their individual needs.

Good for business, good for the environment

In light of the new Department of Energy regulations going into effect in 2021, now is a good time to integrate variable-speed pool pump replacement sales into your business plan. Selling the energy-saving benefits of variable-speed pool pumps (VSP) is quite rewarding, according to pool professionals who have made variable-speed pump replacement a central part of their business.

Many pool professionals on the West Coast, like Jose Garcia, owner of Barefoot Pools in Phoenix, have been replacing single-speed pumps with variable-speed pumps for more than 10 years. Barefoot began as a pool service business that primarily cleaned pools and provided chemical water-balancing services. However, in 2011 Garcia started selling variable-speed pumps when local utilities began offering rebates to pool owners who upgraded their pools. “It was a real game changer for our business,” Garcia says. “The rebates initially offered by our local energy companies made it easy to start a conversation about replacing single-speed pumps for variable-speed pumps.”


It is certainly a difficult time for our community and the entire world right now, as we work to navigate the unknowns of this global pandemic and its profound impact. In most cases, pool service professionals are considered essential right now, as stagnant bodies of water can be disastrous. Tens of thousands of pools left to fester without chlorine and proper maintenance can lead to a public health crisis all on its own. Pools can turn green in as little as two weeks and will breed mosquitoes that can carry the West Nile virus and more. Your customers (and potential new customers) are going to need your help to keep their pool water clean, clear and safe.

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